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Real Estate

List your commercial or residential real estate property to show your buyers the lot size and surrounding areas.

Construction Inspections

Get weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly aerial inspections for site progress, stakeholder communication, surveying, stockpile measurements, or advertising.


Capture epic city landscapes, beautiful sunsets, or car chasing scenes for your next movie.

Events/ Festivals

Boast to your friends about having high quality aerial photos for your next event and show off how much fun people are having.


Explore the land from above and find a new destination where adventure awaits.


Take beautiful photos and videos at an outdoor or scenic venue for your special day and relive that moment for the rest of your life.

Client testimonials

Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception.
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``Dominique was one of the most effective drone pilots I’ve worked with. I sourced him out, due to lacking aerial videography skills and tools, and I’ve made the decision to sub-contract him for the rest of my projects. We did everything over the phone, via text or call, and I didn’t have to explain myself more than 1-2 times. He is a phenomenal pilot. When coupled with the right setting, he can really fly the drone, cinematically replicating a helicopter film aerial shot. No doubt in my mind that I have more difficult projects in the future, and I won’t hesitate to ask him to work for me again. Thanks Dom!``

Nico Davila

StillRollin' Entertainment

``Dom is an incredible drone operator! He really took the time to listen to what I wanted as the director and was able to preform the camera moves with precision and care. It was a very enjoyable experience and he was a great presence on set with us.``

Zander Colbeth

USC School of Cinematic Arts

``Dominique has been great to work with: friendly, professional, open to new ideas and laser-focused on creating value on all of our past collaborations. Would highly recommend!``

Thomas Yuan


``I hired Dom to shoot a beautiful home in the North Capitol Hill section of Seattle. At every point in the process, Dom was attentive and creative. He is very responsive during the planning process and flexible so we could take advantage of a better weather day. He captured the house from every angle and had great suggestions on additional footage. The video was taken a few months before the listing date and Dom was accommodating when we wanted to change a few shots in the video. I can't recommend Dom highly enough and will definitely be using his services again in the future.``

Maura Cannon

M2 Real Estate Associates

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